4 Tips on How to Buy a Fingerprint Gun Safe

If you own a handgun for any reason especially for the purpose of protecting yourself, or your home and family, it is important that you also have a way to secure that handgun away from the hands of children, and other unsanctioned visitors. The best way to store a handgun so that it is secure, but also easy to access is in a fingerprint gun safe. Before you run to the store or fill your online shopping cart, know that not all fingerprint gun safes, also known as biometric gun safes, are created equal. We will share with you 4 important tips on what to look for in a product to make sure it the right choice for you.

Why it is Important to Own a Fingerprint Gun Safe

biometric gun safeAccording to statistics released by government agencies, there are currently approximately 200 million firearms owned by Americans, and over 35% of American families own a gun or two for protection. Many of these gun owners struggle with how to store their guns so that they are both easy to access and secured safely away from children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report stating that there are more than 1.7 million children who live with parents who keep guns at home, unprotected and loaded.  It seems that it is a common compromise to store the gun in a “secret” place hoping that children do not come across it, and to teach the children never to play with the gun.


According to a recent report published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent biometric gun safeMedicine, it was revealed that 39% of kids know where their parents store their guns, and 22% of the children admitted to the fact that they have indeed touched their parents’ gun despite strict warnings. On the other hand there are also many gun owners who prefer to teach their children how to properly use and handle a gun, and then do nothing to conceal the firearm in their home. This may indeed work with their own children, but history has proven that it’s not always the children living in the home that come across the gun. In some cases, these meager precautions prove to be inadequate, and as our society has learned the results can be disastrous.

The best way to ensure that your handgun stays out of unauthorized hands is to keep it locked up, i.e. a trigger lock, a locking case, or some type of safe big or small. The problem is that by locking up your gun typically you compromise its accessibility. The primary reason for owning a gun is so you can use it when necessary, and that means that you need to have it ready to go at a moment’s notice. The perfect solution to the problem of security versus accessibility is a fingerprint (biometric) gun safe.

Biombiometric gun safeetric safes are programmed to use the fingerprints of the owner as a means of access, so they can be opened quickly without the need for a key or combination. A biometric safe can typic ally be opened within 1 or 2 seconds. Biometric safes are also known for being very secure and reliable. The sensors used in most biometrics safes can identify and differentiate fingerprints with an extremely high level of accuracy. The owner of a biometric safe can be sure that the safe will open to his fingerprint and no one else’s making biometrics safes a great option for storing handguns meant for protection.

4 Important Tips for Choosing a Biometric Gun Safe

Once you’ve decided to purchase a biometric safe it is important to first do some research on the different types that are available, so that you can determine which safe is the right fit for you. We have prepared a list of the four most important things to look for when shopping for a fingerprint (or biometric) safe.

Tip #1 – Look for a Safe with a Fingerprint Reader that is Reliable and Accurate

It is important to check that the product which you are interested in purchasingbiometric gun safe
uses a fingerprint sensor that is reliable and accurate. The primary reason for purchasing a biometric gun safe is to have quick and reliable access to your handgun. It is best to read reviews and watch videos of the product in use to determine if the product is capable of operating repeatedly and quickly. If the product or the sensor is unreliable or has a long delay it might not be a good purchase.

Another good indicator of a reliable product is if it was launched recently. Biometric technology has been around for several years, but has improved dramatically over just the past few years. Products that have been launched within the last 3 to 5 years are more likely to work better and faster than products that have been on the market fora while.

Tip #2 – Check for a Safe that is Easy to Setup

biometric gun safeIf a safe is not easy to setup you may not be using it to its full potential, so it is also important to look into how the product is setup and programmed. Some biometric safes use only LED lights to indicate whether the safe has been programmed correctly; this can make it difficult to know if you have been successful in enrolling your fingerprint or the fingerprints of other users. Look for safes that come with detailed instructions and helpful videos to make sure that you can use the product and all of its features. It may also benefit you to find safes that use other means to indicate that a fingerprint has been enrolled correctly. Safes that can make enrolling users easier will save time and headaches.

Tip #3 – Find a Safe that is Easy to Install

Another important thing to consider when shopping for a safe is where and how it needs to be installed. It is vital that any safe that you intend to purchase allows for your handgun to be quickly accessible while also being secure. Larger safes are not typically convenient when you need to get your handgun quickly. For quick access it is usually better to look for a smaller sized safe that can be placed in a handy spot.

Usually smaller sized gun safes need to bebiometric gun safe secured in some way so that they can’t be easily stolen. If the product is meant to be attached to the wall or other furniture, check whether installing the product will cause permanent or extensive damage. Some safes will require drilling holes or bolting into walls or floors. Installing the product may require the use of power tools or special equipment. To avoid the need for damaging walls or furniture look for safes that can be secured using a tether cable or other less destructive ways. If the product is meant to be stored in a drawer or on a shelf, make sure the dimensions of the safe are appropriate for the available space.

biometric gun safeTip #4 – Buy a Safe that is meant to Hold Handguns

Biometric technology is now being integrated into several different types of products because it is easy to use and reliable, but when you are looking for a product to secure your handgun it is best to purchase a safe that is specifically designed for handguns. Products that are designed specifically for handguns will typically have a special way to hold the gun so that it can be drawn quickly, saving precious seconds in case of emergency. Handgun specific products are also in general smaller and easier to install in convenient locations.


Bonus Tip #5 – Buy a Product you will actually use

If you buy a product that turns out to be difficult to use or too troublesome to use regularly then you have not gained anything by your purchase.  The statistics show that a handgun that is not secured can become hazardous, so by whatever means is best for you, lock up your handgun.

ArmsReach Responsible Handgun Storage

If you do decide that a biometric handgun safe is the right choice for securing your handgun, a brand new type of biometric safe is just now being introduced from ArmsReach Responsible Handgun Storage.biometric gun safe

The ArmsReach products are quick, easy to use, reliable, and have some cool features that you can’t find on any of the other safes. The ArmsReach Biometric Defender Series and the ArmsReach Biometric Armor Series gun safes use the top of the line biometric technology to make sure that you have quick access to your handgun. With the option to store up to 10 users or 20 different fingerprints as either allowed or denied you can be sure of who is attempting to use your safe.

biometric gun safeAn integrated LCD screen makes programming easy and can be used to read back the past 15 attempts to open the safe.  This history feature can also act as a tattle tale on anyone who shouldn’t be attempting to open the safe.

biometric gun safeThe ArmsReach products are designed specifically for storing handguns and fit along the side of your bed so that you have access to your gun when you need it the most.

The ArmsReach products are a great option for anyone who owns a handgun or anyone who is thinking about purchasing a handgun for protection. To learn more about these amazing products explore the company’s website at www.ArmsReachRM.com.biometric gun safe

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