Arm’s Reach Safe

Our product fits securely against the side of your mattress to offer convenient access to your firearm.

  • History of the device usage is saved and can be reported back for use as a “TattleTale” feature.
  • A 4 button combination offers a second means of entry.
  • Key access through the back of the product is a third option for gaining access.
  • The Product Dimensions: H 13” X W 9’ X D 3” 
  • An installation arm slides under the mattress for stability. H 3/4” X W 9” X D 13”
  • The product is manufactured from a high impact resistant, light weight polymer (PC-ABS).
  • An AC power cord plugs directly into your wall outlet.
  • AA battery back-up provides continuous protection.
  • A security cable tethers the product to discourage theft
  • The biometric fingerprint sensor allows

    quick access for up to 8 users

  • A graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) p

    resents text prompts to guide the user

    through set up and usage.

Our unique barrel pin design keeps your handgun in a ready to use position, and will not interfere with barrel mounted accessories.

  • Our innovative design is built to accommodate a wide range of popular handguns, and allows for quick and easy change.
  1. Pin 1—Small – 22, 25, 7mm, 30, 32
  2. Pin 2—Medium – 380, 9mm, 38, 41
  3. Pin 3—Large – 44, 45
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