The Significance of Having a Biometric Gun Safe

The Safest Way to Own a Handgun – Biometric Gun Safes

If you own a licensed firearm, more specifically a handgun, you are most likely relying on it as a means of protection for your property and your family. Your hope is that this measure of protection never becomes a threat to the people it is intended to protect. Certainly you would never expect your child to stumble upon your loaded gun and injure themselves or others. In fact, to insure that this never happens you keep your handgun under lock and key. You believe whole-heartily that the gun safe that you bought on discount from the local superstore is in fact as the name implies “safe”. Well, I encourage you to think again.

Gun safes with the traditional lock and key or even the push button combinations are not exactly Fort Knox in the hands of curious children or determined burglars. But don’t think that this means that these gun safes are easy to open when it counts. Finding a key or remembering a combination when under pressure is no easy task. So what does that mean? The only truly secure gun safes are the ones that are smarter than the people who try to outwit them and smart enough to work quickly when you are relying on them.

In recent years these smarter gun safes have become a reality. Advances in technology have led to the use of biometric locks. Simply put: your fingerprint is the key. A key that can’t be misplaced and a combination that you don’t need to memorize. One swipe of your fingerprint unlocks the case making it the most reliable and most secure type of gun safe. The safest way to own a handgun is in a gun safe, and the safest gun safes use biometric technology.

Why Buy a Biometric Gun Safe?

When purchasing a gun safe for a handgun there are many things you should consider including cost and quality, but the most important is how quickly the safe can be opened to allow access to your gun. After all, the reason you bought the gun in the first place was to protect your family in case of an emergency, and in an emergency every split second can count.

The speed at which a safe can be opened is usually determined by how the safe is unlocked. Gun safes typically use one of four means for unlocking and opening: lock and key, push button combination, radial dial combination, or biometric technology. It is not hard to conclude that one swipe of your fingerprint is much quicker than fumbling with a key or entering in a code of at least four digits. And that’s assuming that you can even find the key and/or remember the combination. Imagine simply touching the gun safe with one fingerprint and it popping open to display your handgun ready to use. Biometric technology is the perfect solution to quickly accessing your handgun at any time without delay.

Biometrics is also the best answer for keeping your handgun out of the hands of children and unauthorized individuals. Every year thousands of children are injured or killed when they mishandle a gun that they come across in their own home or in the homes of others. Unsecured firearms are highly susceptible to theft and misuse. It is vital that handguns be secured in some way. The best way to ensure that your handgun is only accessible to those that you allow to have access is to use biometrics. Because every fingerprint is unique, a biometric gun safe cannot be opened by just anyone. Only the fingerprints that are loaded into the safe can be used to access the items inside.

While biometric technology is relatively new to the world of gun safes, it has quickly become the favorite luxury feature due to its reliability, its speed, and its simplicity for the user. While the new technology often comes with a higher price tag, many shoppers don’t seem to mind, opting for a product that reduces the risk of theft and makes the product easier to use.

Pros and Cons of a Biometric Gun Safe

The advantages of biometric gun safes are abundant and very apparent. The most important advantage is speed. Biometric safes can be opened in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds as opposed to the typical several seconds of other safes. Another important advantage is that biometrics safes limit the number of people that can access the items inside, so you can be sure that your handgun will not fall into unexperienced or unauthorized hands. Safes with biometric technology are also very easy to use and do not require keeping track of keys or memorizing a combination, so you know that at any time you can have access to your handgun. These advantages along with the fact that biometric gun safes can be more tamper resistant that other types of safes makes it a strong contender when shopping for the perfect safe for you.

The only drawbacks to a biometric gun safe are hardly enough to discourage its consideration. Biometric safes do require power to operate, typically the safe must be either plugged into the wall to get A/C power or they rely on battery power. This seems to be a small inconvenience when you consider the benefits of having your handgun secured and ready literally at your fingertips. The other drawback that may have more impact on your decision is the price tag. Biometric safes are known to be more expensive than other types of safes, but not extravagantly so. When the benefits are weighed against the drawbacks biometric safes are the best option, because they are secure, reliable, and easy to use.

ArmsReach Biometric Handgun Storage

If you do decide that a biometric handgun safe is the right choice, you will want to find the best safe for your needs. You want something that is quick, easy to use, reliable, and maybe something that has some cool features that you can’t find on any of the other safes. May we suggest the ArmsReach Biometric Defender Series and the ArmsReach Biometric Armor Series gun safes? The ArmsReach products use the top of the line biometric technology to make sure that you have quick access to you handgun. With the option to store up to 10 users or 20 different fingerprints as either allowed or denied you can be sure of who is attempting to use your safe.  An integrated LCD screen makes programing easy and can be used to read back the past 15 attempts to open the safe.  This history feature can also act as a tattle tale on anyone who shouldn’t be attempting to open the safe. The ArmsReach products are a great option for anyone who owns a handgun or anyone who is thinking about purchasing a handgun for protection. To learn more about these amazing products explore the company’s website at

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